Find natural and eco-friendly alternatives, healing modality schools, manufacturers, wholesalers and importers of products you could retail. Gain new customers to market and sell your product or service to

Come and explore what aromatherapy, reiki, crystal healing, EFT, colour therapy, and many other modalities are all about

We proudly introduce some of the world’s most inspirational people who will astound you with their wisdom

Open your mind to movement of another kind. Try Yoga, Tai Chi, Zumba, Rebounding and more

We have created a magazine to support the Festival, which will become a collector’s item since its founder, Hilda de la Rosa, was also the founder of Namasté magazine

The Lokinwi Festival launches in


We are proud to introduce you to the

Lokinwi Body Mind and Spirit Festival

The Canvas Riversands,
14th & 15th September 2019
08h00 – 18h00

Join us for the inaugural

Lokinwi Body Mind and Spirit Festival

Lokinwi is leading the Body Mind and Spirit industry into the 21st century. Together, let’s elevate this multi-million-dollar industry to the status that it deserves, with a festival it can be proud of. Ours is an industry that represents the epitome of cooperation, integrity, respect, and fairness. Join us at this profile-shifting event as we all recreate the Body-Mind-Spirit space, as it takes it’s deserved place in sustainable, honourable and professional business.

Lokinwi’s speakers share their wisdom

Barry Coltham

Scientist, Enneagram Teacher, HeartMath Trainer

Donna McCallum

AKA, The Fairy Godmother

Jacques de Villiers

Practicing Sufi and armchair stoic

Hilda de la Rosa

Author of  “Love VS Fear”

Samantha Lewis

Author, Speaker & Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator

Karen Barensché

Practical Mystic

Susan Schoning

Vedic Astrologist, Author and Business Coach

Nestor Kornblum

Author, sound healer and speaker. Expert in Overtone Singing

Julia Theunissen

Intuitive Guide and Coach

Luis Miguel Falcao

Inspirational Teacher, Author & Mystic

Charissa Bloomberg

Radio and TV Celebrity, Psychologist, TV Presenter

Chris Stormer-Fryer

Reflexology Expert, Author
and Keynote Speaker

Chris Page

Author, Speaker, Counsellor

Karen Lange

Reiki Grand Master and
Motivational Speaker

Rod Suskin

Astrologer, Sangoma, Author
and TV Show Host

Penny Holburn

Professional Life Coach


Diverse Creative Entrepreneur & Vocal Alchemist

Exhibitors, connect with your target market at the festival

If you’re wondering where to find your target audience of people who are genuinely interested in an alternative lifestyle, people who are conscious of what they put into their bodies, keen on holistic healing modalities, and aware of the environment, you need look no further. You will find them at the Lokinwi Body Mind and Spirit Festival.

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