Q: Where do I pick up my Entry Passes?

A: There will be an information desk at the venue on Friday 13. Collect them there. We have independent staff managing the ticket office to enter the Festival. If you or your staff are not wearing your badges – you WILL HAVE TO PAY TO GET IN on festival days.

Q: What is my Stand Number?

  • A1: Your stand number will be reflected on your entry passes and you will also be given a map of the venue.
  • A2: No, We can’t change your stand – AT ALL – we have had the site plan approved by municipal authorities. This is set in stone.

Q: Where can I get the Lokinwi Magazine?

A: It will be on sale at the venue.

Q: Do I get a Complimentary Magazine copy?

A: If you have written an article or paid for an advert – you will get a complimentary copy at the festival

Q: Will the magazine be on sale elsewhere after the festival ?

A: Yes it will – at independent stores around SA

Q: Where will in find my tables and chairs?

A: They will be stacked outside the exhibition hall

Q: Will your staff look after my stall if I can’t be there?

A: No – Our staff will manage the event itself. Please make sure your stall is manned at all times – Even if you are a speaker – you will have to leave someone in charge of your stall.

Q: Can I invite my mom/family/friend to attend for free?

A: This is a professional expo rather than a market and has cost the organiser a bomb. Help us to make our money back instead. We have been asked for countless freebies by many people. Although we HAVE obliged – often, a R100 entry fee is not much. Please help us make this festival a great success and we will continue to run them – Our dates are already set for next year in both Jhb and CT.

Q: Will we have to decorate our own stands?

A: Definitely – You will have a shell scheme with your name on a facia board and a stand number. I know it sounds petty to ask you NOT TO COLOUR OUTSIDE THE LINES, but the health and safety approval was really tough and expensive to get. They will be monitoring each stand – Please do not place any display goodies outside your designated area.

Q: What will happen if it rains?

A: Lokinwi is taking place inside a commercial exhibition centre – it does not matter if it rains.

Q: Will there be parking?

A: There are six hundred parking bays – We are asking the exhibitors to park their cars across the road at the marked parking so there can be more space for festival visitors – After off loading your stuff – of course.

Q: Where are the loading bays to bring my stuff into the exhibition centre?

  • A1: Before the festival you will receive a map to show you where to bring your vehicles in to off-load your stuff. We are still busy drawing it and will mail it to you soon.
  • A2: There will also be directional signage as you approach the venue.

Q: Can I bring my stuff and begin setting up on Thursday or before ten am on Friday?

A: Again this is a health and safety issue that is not controlled by us but by officialdom… Scan Display are building the professional shell schemes on Thursday and will be signed off by Health and Safety officer at 10 am on Friday. Please can we adhere to this.

Q: Where can I get directions to the venue?

A: Click here for directions.

LSM 7 8 9 and 10 will attend

Anybody who is interested in a holistic lifestyle and who will be interested in any product or service geared to conscious living, be that food, cosmetics, eco-friendly products and services, alternative schooling, gardening, people who are acutely aware of environmental issues, and so on.

If you are thinking about alternative healing and alternative medicine as a career change, most of South Africa’s healing modalities will be represented.

If you own a dance and movement studio, your absolute target market will be there.

One of the biggest issues for alternative people who host workshops is finding a decent venue. This is the perfect platform to introduce your venue. If you are retailing to this community, be sure to be seen here.

And, very importantly, if you are wholesaling or manufacturing products that serve this community, be sure to be here so that therapists and retailers can find you.

We highly recommend that healing modalities such as Reiki or Shiatsu, or movement modalities, such as Yoga, Pilates and other smaller commercial concerns collaborate with stall partners.

We are the Body Mind and Spirit industry and at this festival we will be serving Gauteng. Therefore, if you are selling a product or service in, for instance, Benoni, then share your stall with others who practise the same modality, or sell the same products but in a different area from yours.

This will not only will help you pay for a stall, you will be serving the greater community and showing others that it is truly possible to collaborate. We will be very happy to supply you with an appropriate contract that will help you iron out the legal and commitment details.

We also call on schools and teachers to involve their students and qualified practitioners to collaborate on stalls so we have a bigger impact and cover much more ground.

Exhibitors receive an eighth of a page advert in LOKINWI magazine, as well as a directory entry on the website. This is included in the cost of the stand.

Directory listings in LOKINWI magazine will include the name, area and contact number of every individual who contributed financially to your stand. They have to be present at the festival and will have to sign an acknowledgement that they are part of your stall.

If we do not learn about collaborative business we are not looking into our future.