LSM 7 8 9 and 10 will attend

We highly recommend that healing modalities such as Reiki or Shiatsu or movement modalities, Yoga and Pilates and other smaller commercial concerns collaborate with stall partners.

We are the Body Mind and Spirit industry and at this festival we will be serving Gauteng. Therefore, if you are selling a product or service in say, Benoni, share your stall with others who practise the same modality, or sell the same products but in a different area from you. This will not only help you pay for a stall, you will be serving the greater community and showing others that it is truly possible to collaborate. We will be very happy to supply you with an appropriate contract that will help you iron out the legal and commitment details.

We also call on schools and teachers to involve their students and qualified practitioners to collaborate on stalls so we have a bigger impact and cover much more ground.

Exhibitors receive an eighth of a page advert in LOKINWI magazine, as well as a directory entry on the website. This is included in the cost of the stand.

Directory listings in LOKINWI magazine will include the name, area and contact number of every individual who contributed financially to your stand. They have to be present at the festival and will have to sign an acknowledgement that they are part of your stall.

If we do not learn about collaborative business we are not looking into our future.