Lokinwi magazine

LOKINWI magazine will be on sale at the festival – be sure to get your copy. Information regarding exhibitors, speakers, movement modalities and other interesting reference information will be inside. We have some stunning articles, written by some of South Africa’s best writers.

If you are unable to get a stand at the festival, be sure to be visible in LOKINWI, the festival’s magazine. If you own a venue where workshops can be hosted, remember your target audience will be at the festival. If you supply products to retail stores or healing centres, your target audience will be at the festival.

If you are not exhibiting, we strongly recommend that you advertise in the magazine. It is rare that a target audience will be in one place at the same time. Click here for more info on advertising in LOKINWI.

LOKINWI magazine came about because so many people have repeatedly asked Hilda de la Rosa (this festival’s director), to found another magazine of similar quality to Namasté magazine. We finally convinced Hilda to expand the directory brochure that she was planning to create to support the festival into a fully fledged festival magazine.

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Hilda immediately got in touch with her old connections who wrote for Namasté magazine and they were only too thrilled to write for us again. BOOM! We have a magazine. LOKINWI magazine will be on sale at the festival and thereafter, we will select a few retail stores tol sell this collector’s item.

Some of the articles you can look forward to include:

  • How the Internet Impacted my Business. We have all been affected and many of us still shy away from taking the leap and going on-line. Susan Schöning will lead us through the pitfalls and triumphs of taking this giant step.
  • Crystals: Myths and Legends. We hear so many things about crystals, clean them like this, don’t let others touch your crystals, do they really assist in healing. Let’s get some clarity.
  • An interview with Nianell. Yes, this superstar is into spiritual healing – find out how this happened.
  • The Modern Shaman is a Woman – Learn what it is to be a modern Shaman from SA’s notable Lynn de la Motte.
  • The Camino – A Long Walk to Freedom. Michelle Sparks has walked many Caminos and she is passionate and dedicated to it. She tells us why.