To live one’s best life, one needs to have integrity. That means living and speaking your truth, being honest, professional and doing what you say you are going to do, making the right choices in your life, and knowing the difference between right or wrong.

Living your best life in a world that has lost its moral compass, means it is not easy to stay on your path.

The only way is to be trusted and to be worthy. Integrity is doing the right thing and this differs from person to person, but as long as it is right for you and is part of your truth, it will allow you to live your best possible life. If you are not living in integrity, you are not living your best life, and the three most important parts of you ─ your body, your mind and your spirit ─ are not going to feel in harmony.

I will share tips on how we can use our EQ and self-reflect on how to make the best choices in one’s life.

Join me for an important talk about one of the most important, yet misunderstood, words in the English language.

Radio and TV Celebrity Psychologist, TV Presenter Charissa Bloomberg is a renowned Integrity Leadership Specialist, accredited Emotional Intelligence Facilitator, Media Activist and CEO of Hidden Dimensions, a corporate training and consulting company.

With a Master’s in Psychology, (UCT Cum Laude), as well as a Psychodrama and Group Dynamics qualification from Oxford University (UK), where she studied Psychodrama and Role Play, she is also a qualified Drama and Communications Teacher from Trinity College in London.

Capetonian born and bred, she brings 20 years of extensive international experience in motivational speaking, corporate consulting, coaching, mentoring, training and facilitation in all areas relating to organisational behaviour, leadership and team analysis.

Her multi-faceted expertise also includes having had her own private practice, written various research papers and magazine articles (that were published), and had several TV, radio and talk engagements over the last 10 years. Charissa has spoken at conferences around the world, and lectured at UCT, UWC, and CTI.

Regarded as a Relationships Expert on radio and TV, her programmes are known to tackle burning issues in our society, with the aim of equipping her audience and followers with every day tools.

Charissa uses humour, honesty, and shares her own experiences as examples.

She has been a regular guest on the Expresso breakfast show on SABC 3 (for many years), and has had her own radio guest shows.

  • Saturday, 14th

    From 12:00
    Auditorium 2

Charissa Bloomberg

Radio and TV Celebrity Psychologist, TV Presenter