Do you sometimes feel as though you are two people? Always in conflict? What is this all about and why is this occurring? I will discuss the theory of Transactional Analysis by Dr Eric Berne, by understanding the Parent Ego state and Child Ego state, you can understand your own behaviour in many different scenarios. This understanding will help find balance in any situation, create a deeper connection to yourself, and aid in self-love and self-esteem.

Daughter of famous South African psychic, Marietta Theunissen, Julia Theunissen has been exposed to the spiritual field from a very early age. Her exposure to spiritual practices allows her the freedom to explore her own spiritual beliefs and talents with the guidance of her mother.

In 2007, Julia actively started working for her mother, Marietta Theunissen, which entailed handling bookings and events. During that time, Julia did a metaphysical course in intuitive field and coaching.

Emboldened with her knowledge and gifts, she began doing her own e-mail sessions in 2009, and then was pushed into personal bookings as the demand became too great.

Julia was now ready to embrace her gifts and use them to her full potential, making use of her feelings as her strongest guide while doing her readings. In 2010, she started studying Hypnotherapy and is now a fully qualified hypnotherapist, coach and substance counsellor.

After 10 years in the metaphysical field, Julia longed for something more. Because of the necessity for coaching, training and counselling in a broader spectrum, she embarked on making educational videos, and teaching and training people in the masses through her love for media and marketing. Julia now regularly releases free training videos and teachings in order to expand her reach and give free knowledge to so many. In their attempts to modernise the business, Marietta and Julia also launched new online courses and content on and, which hosts a number of online workshops as well as books and audio recordings. Now everyone can access this knowledge with a click of a button.

A creative by nature, Julia currently runs two businesses, her coaching and counselling business, whereby she helps people on a daily basis, and her media business, whereby she makes content, videos, writes numerous blogs, and creates online education for many. This is the ultimate goal to be anywhere in the world but yet be able to help and make a difference in so many people’s lives.

  • Saturday, 14th

    From 10:00
    Auditorium 2

Julia Theunissen

Intuitive Guide and Coach