Reiki: Eastern vs. Western Healing Approaches

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With so many credible forms of Reiki on offer, each offering its own geographical flair, how does the practitioner choose what is best for the client? After all, isn’t the energy the same? We will look at the emergence of these different forms of Reiki and how they have been adapted over the years. This talk will come with a slide show of Reiki sacred places, including photos of Mount Kurama (where Usui Sensei discovered Reiki), Usui Sensei’s birth village and his school, and will address the differences between the different forms of Reiki

About Karen Lange:

Karen Lange is a Qualified Educator, Motivational Speaker, Reiki Grand Master, and Master Teacher since 1999. A gifted psychic and Chairperson of The Reiki association of Southern Africa, she is the Karuna Reiki practitioner representative for South Africa, and is also recognised as a teacher by the Jikiden Reiki institute in Kyoto, Japan. She began her career as a school teacher in Biological Sciences. She left the teaching profession to follow her spiritual calling of empowerment teacher and spiritual counselor.

Karen teaches Reiki, Crystal Healing, Inner Alchemy and facilitates Louise Hay empowerment workshops.

She is the principal teacher at the Soul Healing Academy and also a talented exhibiting artist. She has designed courses that are taught worldwide. Karen has been on Television, Radio and has written articles in numerous magazines, and a Member of the task team scoping the curriculum for a National Certificate, with Health and Welfare Skills Education Training Authority – HWSETA, and Quality Council for Trades and Occupations.

  • Sunday, 15th

    From 10:00
    Auditorium 2

Karen Lange

Reiki Grand Master and
Motivational Speaker