Proof of The Afterlife

What real proof do we have that there is an Afterlife? What proof do we have that The Spirit World is indeed REAL? Very little, I’m afraid, because proving that anything is REAL in the dream of illusions is nearly impossible. However, that said, many people on a spiritual path started their inner awakening because they underwent some sort of inexplicable experience: an Angelic encounter, a Near Death Experience, or a vivid dream of someone who passed. Yet, fear of the unknown prevents most of us from truly delving deeper into the proof we all seek. My talk will do just that! Nothing I will share with you will scare you – in fact, it will remind you of an ancient memory we all carry and that will profoundly change the way you look forward toward your Return Home someday. In the meanwhile, it will give you a Divine sense of Life Purpose to Create Purpose in your Life and provide meaning in everything you do.

What the Talk covers;

  • The Background to my discoveries, my brain tumour, coma, dying for 26 minutes, and 3,000 regressions as a Regressional Hypnotherapist, what they have in common and how this led me to discover the ultimate Truth.
  • The “Fall” – the separation and the 1st Dream (The Spirit World)
  • What are Angels, Spirit Guides, Ghosts, Ascended Masters and what is a Christ or Master?
  • Why we have taken Human form – why we incarnate and reincarnate many times?
  • How our lives are planned – why it’s such a challenge on earth?
  • How we remember what we are and Awaken to Truth?
  • What is our True Purpose, Mission and Function on Earth?

About Lu

Luis Miguel Falcão, (or Lu as he is known), is renowned for his talks and books, in which he provides conclusive proof that there is indeed life after death and that we are but a metaphor for “The Fallen Angels.” Lu is a business consultant who transforms sleeping corporations and the employees who work there into awakened creative Beings living a life of natural joyous abundance.

His life mission is to show people their Infinite Divine potential, found in their True Natural Authentic Self and thus, raise the conscious awareness of as many human beings on Earth as possible, so that the world can awaken to a state of unity founded in love, joy and truth.

  • Saturday, 14th

    From 11:00
    Auditorium 2

Luis Miguel Falcao

Inspirational Teacher, Author & Mystic