Life simplified

In Nianell’s darkest moment, she discovered that she was never truly alone. Just before she wanted to take a leap out of this life, a voice within her said: ‘Do you really think you would have chosen this life, if this was it?’

All that I had learned from the wonderful teachers I’d had in my life popped into my mind in that moment.

Their journeys,
their struggles,
their failures,
their pain,
their successes,
their teachings.

If they did not have the courage to share their stories with us, and what they have learned from them, we would all still be fumbling around in the dark.

What I learned from them saved my life.

I do what I do because I know how easy it is to forget who you are. How easy it is to forget your worth, and how easy it is to miss out on living a magnificent life.

I’m here to remind you, in Life Simplified, that you are love. You chose this life to learn how to love, and how to allow yourself to be loved.

By reminding you, I remind myself.

About Nianell:

Diverse Creative Entrepreneur, Nianell, is a platinum-selling vocal alchemist, who dazzles with ease through four octaves. She includes many different styles of music in her song-writing, and accompanies herself on piano and acoustic guitar.

Vocally, Nianell creates sounds, frequencies and vibrations, where words are sometimes unnecessary, allowing every soul to interpret the message for themselves.

She is a South African and an International success story, with many of her songs play-listed on radio stations worldwide. Nianell is a gifted singer, a talented musician and songwriter, as well as a world-published Hay House author, an inspirational speaker, and loving mother of triplet girls. Nianell has completed a 3-year diploma through the university of Tshwane in music, a PhD in Metaphysics, a Certificate of Science and a Masters in @Thetahealing.

  • Sunday, 15th

    From 14:00
    Auditorium 2


Diverse Creative Entrepreneur, Songwriter and Vocal Gymnast