The Accepted Self: Owning and Loving every Part of You

To have self-acceptance means to unconditionally accept all parts of myself:  The thoughts, feelings and actions that are great, and the thoughts, feelings and actions that are terrible. Self-acceptance doesn’t mean I like what I have done. It means I accept what I have done.  What I deny and disown, I cannot change and improve. Denied and disowned aspects of myself are also liable to self-sabotage me, such as when a forty-five-year-old throws a temper tantrum like a two-year-old. To have self-acceptance requires having self-compassion.  Come along and learn unconditional acceptance for the person you are.

About Penny Holburn

Penny is a full-time professional life coach.  She has an MSc (Cum Laude) in Psychology, has done a Senior Management Development Programme through Wits Business School, and is a registered and certified professional life coach. Her areas of specialisation are: Personal change / life transitions; goal achievement /peak performance; career guidance; anxiety, depression and stress; and self-esteem, confidence and assertiveness.  In December 2016, Corporate Vision Magazine awarded her Best for Personal and Business Coaching, Johannesburg. In 2017, she was awarded Best Personal Development Coaching Company in Gauteng, and an Excellence Award for Anxiety Coaching by AI Global Media. Her website is

  • Sunday, 15th

    From 12:00
    Auditorium 2

Penny Holburn

Professional Life Coach